Critical Thinking

Think deeply, think critically, think innovatively...

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Highly effective meetings

Meetings don't have to be the worst part of your day...

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Team Dynamics

People are different. Make it a strength...

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Customised Coaching

Public speaking, conflict resolution, negotiation...

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What We Do

KeyMove Solutions offer tailor-made solutions to improve your business day to day. Whether you are in Telecommunications,Pharmaceuticals,Education,Defense,I.T.,Energy,Communication,The Arts,Banking,Insurance
we have a solution for your business.

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The Art of ThinkingThink better, think faster, think further

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Efficent and Enjoyable MeetingsTransform the way you run your company

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Psychometrics and DiversityHelp your people to know their strengths

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Customised coachingWorld class coaching experts

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How We Work


About Us

KeyMove Solutions

KeyMove Solutions was founded in Paris in 2004. We work all over the world... in Australia, China, Europe, North America, South America, North Africa, and Scandinavia.

Our founding partner, Nick McRoberts, studied and taught at Melbourne University before moving to France in 1999. He studied psychometrics, cognitive therapy and has taught critical thinking at NEOMA Business School.

Our programs are designed and run by an international team of consultants with diverse backgrounds from the Arts to the Military and from Law to Social Science.

Engaging audiences...

What makes a leader great?
Sometimes it's more a matter of what you DON'T do than what you do. Nick McRoberts talks about the challenge of "doing less"...

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What our clients say...

All our programs are rigourously tracekd for client satisfaction and real world impact. Read what our clients have to say...

"The best behavioural training program I have ever attended... by far!"

"Timely and insightful feedback."

"Masterful, light-touch facilitation."

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